Friday, January 4, 2013

On Behalf of the Broken...

I love technology.

I love the fact that, due to the generosity of others, I was able to experience the movement that is the Passion Conference, via live stream. It was incredible. God was undeniably at work. If you get a chance, there are still a few sessions online that you can watch, but only until the end of today. Go to I promise you, you will not regret the time spent watching any of these sessions.


I have been deeply, undeniably, and irrevocably changed by the things spoken at this conference. I have spent the greater part of this afternoon on my knees, weeping over the knowledge that there are over 27 million men, women, and children, who are currently enslaved in various industries around the world. There are more slaves in our modern culture than at any other time in history. Allow me, if you will, to repeat myself so that you can soak up that information.

There are more slaves in our modern culture than at any other time in history.

And I, for one, cannot bear the thought of remaining silent when I hold the knowledge that this is taking place all around me. I could not live with myself if I did nothing to use my voice to advocate on behalf of those who do not have a voice of their own. I am beginning to realize that God has given me this blog, this platform, as a tool to cry out on the behalf of the broken. Whether that be the orphans, or the widows, or the homeless, or the lonely, or those trapped in slavery or stricken with extreme poverty... God has given me a voice and I vow to cry out in their defense. 

I spent at least an hour, with soul-crushing agony in my voice, asking God what I could do for these people. 

I have nothing of significance to offer. 
I am a wife and a mother. 
I am a college drop-out. 
My sphere of influence is small. 
I do not have great wealth from which to give.
I'm not famous. No one knows my name.  

What on earth could I ever offer, that will make a difference?

And though I am still wrestling with this question, I have come to realize that it does not matter. 
It does not matter that I am not famous and able to rally a great number of people to join this cause. 
It does not matter that I do not possess large sums of money.
It does not matter that I am a college drop-out (I have only a semester left until I finish and fully intend to do so when we are financially able. So do not freak out on me.)

None of that matters because I serve a God who is fully able to do immeasurably more than I could ever ask or imagine. If He is directing my steps... if He is the One calling me to advocate on behalf of the broken- in whatever capacity that may manifest itself-then it does not matter how I do it; but that I do it. If I am faithful to His leading, He will provide me with whatever means necessary to complete the task. 

Again, I do not know what my involvement will look like in regards to the fight for freedom for these 27 million slaves around the world; but I know that I am going to fight- even if it is only on my knees. I am in it, to end it. 

Are you with me? 
Will you join me in praying over what God will have you do to fight for those without a voice?
At the very least, will you add the following national human trafficking hotline number in your phone?

Polaris Project

If contacted, this number could be the very link to end someone's life in slavery


  1. Love, love, love your post. Found you on Bloggy Moms. I just wrote a post along the same lines. With the New Year, Rev 21:5 has been in my head. So glad to see when others share my thinking.

    1. Thank you! I am so sorry that I am just now responding. Designing the new blog has completely taken over any free time I have had lately. I am glad that you found me! I look forward to getting to know you!

  2. Hi! I also found your blog on Bloggy Moms. Like you, I am also trying to figure out exactly how I am to do what God has called me to do. You said it so well, it's not how, it's that I am going to! I hope that you are able to find the right path and that God will continue to bless you and your family as you carry out your mission!
    Many blessings in 2013!

    1. Hi, Amy! I am so glad that you found me! I look forward to getting to know you!! I apologize for my late response. I promise that I to have everything in order soon. Thank you for your grace :)


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