Monday, December 31, 2012

I Resolve...

By nature, I am a planner.
I am not usually one to venture out into the unknown.
I do not take risks.
I make calculated decisions.
I am overly cautious.

But if I have learned anything over the last two years... it is that my life rarely goes as planned.

It's unpredictable.

So this year... I am throwing all of my "plans" out the window. 

I want to wake up each morning with the expectation that God is going to do something unforeseen... something that will leave me breathless... and wholly awestruck with who He is. 

There is a certain wildness about God- something that cannot be tamed- and I long to know this side of my Savior. He is drawing me out of my place of comfort and into the unknown. He is beckoning me to leave behind a life that is safe, and exchange it for something unfamiliar and mysterious. Where this adventure will take me, I do not know. But I trust the One leading the way.

What are you resolving to do in this New Year?


  1. Beautiful. Here's to 2013 being one amazing adventure!!!!!!

  2. I love how you worded this. This is so similar to what I've been playing around with in my mind as I approach the new year.


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