Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Goal for 2012: Run a Half Marathon

It's time to hit the pavement! I've got a goal in mind {and a large one at that} and I'm not stopping until I achieve it. With the end of the year approaching and the dawning of a new one upon us, I've spent a lot of time thinking about some areas that I would like to change. One area in particular, is fitness. 

When I was in high school and in college, I used to run all of the time. I had sort of a love/hate relationship with running. It wasn't uncommon for me to dread my daily runs- because it was hard work and I was lazy, I suppose. But day after day, once I finally convinced myself to put on my running shoes and hit the pavement, I actually enjoyed what I was doing. The first few minutes of my run were always the toughest. My body would resist and I would literally have to fight off the urge to go sit on the couch. But once I "found my rhythm" I had a lot of fun! 

Then kids came along. I found myself making up excuse after excuse as to why I wouldn't lace up my running shoes and go for a jog. "I'm so tired!," "I need to fold the laundry," "It's too hot/cold outside to run." My list of excuses went on and on. Now I look in the mirror and at times don't even recognize "me." I used to be fit and healthy. What happened?! 

Well- I'm committed to making 2012 different. I think my problem with goal setting is that I usually set too many all at once. You know how it is... every year we make New Year's Resolutions and by the time February comes around we've either forgotten what we resolved to do, or we've given up completely. So I have decided that I will only set one goal for the year 2012: to run a half marathon. Here is how I plan to accomplish this goal:

Having fibromyalgia has made it difficult to work out in general, but I am not going to allow it to control my life. Weather effects my symptoms a lot of the time and living in Texas, which I often refer to as the Bi-Polar state {when it comes to weather}, does not help matters any. Which is why my parents so graciously gifted Greg and I with a treadmill for Christmas this year. A treadmill will allow me to go for a run, when the weather would otherwise keep me indoors, and keep me on track to meet my goal.

My next plan of action is to follow the c210k program. Many of you may be familiar with c25k (Couch to 5k). This is a similar plan only it will take me a little further than their beginner program. I've already downloaded their iPhone app and cannot wait to get started! To check out their program, click here

I plan to keep all of you updated with my progress as I make this journey, because I know that in order to achieve my goal, I will need a lot of support. I'm already checking out race schedules for next year because #1) you get a discount the earlier you register for a race and #2) I know that if I go ahead and register for a race, I will be even more motivated to accomplish my goal because I have invested money into it. 

Are any of you runners? I'd love to hear from you on any of the following topics: 
training, running gear, races, tips/advice, or words of encouragement. 

Well- I'm about to go complete c210k Day 1 Week 1.
Wish me luck!

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