Monday, December 12, 2011

Oh, My! Looks Who's 5!

Well... Almost

Being a Christmas baby {literally} can be hard at times, especially when you are young, so we celebrated  Hayden's birthday a few weeks early.{I can totally relate. My birthday is the 21st}

Hayden absolutely LOVES sharing his birthday with Jesus. He thinks that it is the greatest gift in the world to be able to share his special day with the King of Kings! {His words. No lie.} But I know from experience that it can be difficult on a young child when all of your friends cannot make it to your birthday party because of other family obligations, the seemingly unending list of Christmas parties that they must attend, etc... Nevertheless, Hayden has handled this with such grace. For now, he doesn't seem to mind simply celebrating his special day with just his family. So that's exactly what we did.

Below are a few of my favorite pictures, 
as we celebrated the birth of one very special young man.

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