Saturday, June 23, 2012

DIY: Floral Arrangement Made From a Kleenex Box

I don't know about y'all, but we're on a tight budget. We have to account for every penny spent. We rarely eat out, entertainment is a treat, and I cannot recall the last time that I have spent money home decor. It's been years... I can tell you that much.

{little known insight on the Card family: 90% of the things we have in our house were either gifted to us or it is a hand-me- down that I have re-purposed.}


I get in these kicks every now and then when I want to redecorate the house. I guess it comes from my time spent working for Pier 1 ages ago- who knows? Usually I settle for moving various objects around. A picture frame here. A vase there. Rearrange furniture.You know, stuff like that. I think I trick my mind into thinking that I have new stuff. lol.

Greg was closing at the store tonight so I decided to look around Pinterest for some design/ DIY inspiration. The boys were napping, therefore I had a couple of hours of peace and quiet where I could be creative. I didn't really see anything on Pinterest that I could make that didn't involve having to go to the store to purchase a few items- which was disheartening, because I saw several cute projects that I could work on. I knew that I had a book of scrapbook paper, along with a little bit of homemade mod podge, and some paint.

 Hmmm.... I was going to have to be extra creative today.

I found an empty Kleenex box that I had yet to throw away {I've been battling a sinus infection and a fibromyalgia flare up for the past few weeks. I usually don't hang on to stuff like this, but today I sure am glad that I did!} as well as some flowers that I had bought years ago at Michael's on clearance. The thought hit me: why not turn this empty Kleenex box into a new floral arrangement for the living room?! So that's exactly what I did! And the price was even better at $0!


  • Empty Kleenex box
  • 1 sheet of scrapbook paper of your choosing
  • Mod Podge or make your own
  • 1 sponge paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Flowers


1.  Measure out the dimensions of your empty Kleenex box. 

Place the scrapbook paper over one of the square sections of the Kleenex box at a time, running your finger along the edges of the box, thus creating a crease in the paper. Once the outline of the box has been formed in the paper, cut out the square. Repeat this step for all four sides of the Kleenex box. 

{I did not cover the top or the bottom of the box because I knew it would not be seen.}

2. Take your mod podge and coat one side of the Kleenex box using your sponge paintbrush. Then place the square of scrapbook paper on top of the wet mod podge.  Repeat this step until each side is covered.

3. Once all sides of the Kleenex box are covered with the scrapbook paper, brush on a coat of mod podge to seal the paper to the box and to provide a nice finish. {If you are using the homemade version that I linked above, it will be a matte finish}

4. Let it dry completely

5. Place your flowers in the top of the box and...

Ta Da! You now have a new floral arrangement. You could even use this as a inexpensive centerpiece for a party or gathering. This project only took a few minutes to create and even if you did not have all of the supplies handy, it will cost you less than $10 to make {assuming that you make your own mod podge}.

So... what do you think?! 

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