Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cha Cha Cha Changes...

"Every day, somewhere, a writer is born.
She comes into the world with a destiny: to share her words and proclaim a message. To make a difference.
These words have the power to move and motivate strangers, to shake the earth and rattle the heavens. If only she would share them."
-Jeff Goins, author of "You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One)

I woke up this morning not expecting my entire world to change {or at least my perception of it}. It was just another day. I woke up, Megan Card, wife, mother, follower of Christ, runner, blogger {sort of. I guess?}. Little did I know, that hours later, I would come face to face with my destiny. 


God, You can't be serious?

Me? A writer?

Who on earth would ever listen to what I had to say. I'm a nobody, remember? 

This was exactly how the conversation went roughly 4 years ago when the Lord first began to speak to my heart on this subject. I laughed at Him. No, really. I did. I completely had a Sarah moment- you know, when she laughed out loud after overhearing the Lord tell her husband, Abram, that she would bear him a son.

I didn't believe Him.

After all, no one had ever spoken encouragement into my life regarding my writing ability. Though I received good grades in English, not one of my teachers expressed any potential in me. Ever. And it's not like I dreamed of becoming a writer when I was a child. No, I wanted to be a Princess. Or a veterinarian. That is, until I learned that some people brought pet snakes to the vet, and then that dream quickly deflated. No snakes for me. I had a brief stint when I wanted to be a doctor. But I hate math- so that was no good either. After years and years of failed dreams, I settled for "I don't have one." Liar... I just didn't believe I was ever good enough to have one, or even see it come to fruition for that matter.

So the Lord left me alone for a few more years.

And then it happened. Again...

I was sitting in the middle of a Women's Ministry Conference, in the fall of 2010, hosted by LifeWay. I was currently working on staff for our church in the Student Ministry, and loving it. The director of Women's Ministry invited me to join her for this conference and of course, I wasn't about to turn down an opportunity to hear from Beth Moore and several of my favorite authors. As I sat in my seat, after an incredible time of worship, preparing to hear from Beth, the Lord spoke. I'm not going to go into detail on what He said, because I'm still wrestling with the reality of it myself. That, and if I told you, you would probably think I was extremely presumptuous. Regardless, He spoke to me again concerning this very subject. And once again, my heart wasn't ready to believe it. At least, not fully.

A year later, I began this blog.

At first, I was just trying to find my niche. Every blogger goes through this phase, I'm sure. And I almost quit. I felt like a fraud. Like I wasn't being true to myself. That I was merely mirroring what every other blogger said to do in order to be a success. But it never felt like, you know, me. I was writing to please an audience, only I had no idea who that audience was and what they wanted to hear. All I knew, was that no one seemed to be listening.

I finally began to just write whatever the Lord put on my heart to share. And you know what, I started to see a genuine response. Little did I know, but my words actually started to resonate with people. When I stopped writing with an audience in mind and just wrote what was on my heart, people started to engage. I never in a million years would I have thought that there would be complete strangers who were eagerly anticipating what I had to say. I'm just a nobody, remember? 

And once again, the Lord spoke to me. Only this time, I was ready to be obedient to His leading.

So what does this change look like from here on out? Well, for the next couple of months, not much. Business as usual.

However, there are things taking place behind the scenes so to speak, that I am really excited about! I wanted to let my readers know well in advance, that a change is coming and to be ready for it. That way, when the time comes, the transition will be much smoother. At least, I hope it will be :)

Thank you for allowing me into your day. Your time is a gift that I treasure and I do not take it lightly. The fact that you even stop by my blog is amazing, given that there are thousands of them out there. I pray that as I walk in obedience and take steps of faith in a new direction, that you will continue to join me. We are entering exciting times and I am looking forward to what the Lord has in store for us!

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  1. I always struggle with this. I keep saying that I never hear God speak to me, then in one day I will read 5 blogs, that all have the same message. Duh Brittin, why don't you try listening. I am currently unhappy with my job and our financial situation. I did take a step today and sign up for a class at our tech school, hopefully this is me listening. Thank you for making me think today!

    1. Brittin,

      You are precious! If you give yourself time to sit and listen {free from distraction is key and SO hard to do at times!} you will find that God is speaking to You more often than you may have realized. It takes time to distinguish His voice from the voice of self or the voice of the enemy- but He IS speaking to you! I promise! The more you get to know the Lord and experience His Presence, the easier it becomes to hear Him speak.

  2. It's wonderful to read your blog. It is inspiring and full of godly truths. I am excited for you and your new journey that is taking place. Remember Eph. 3:20...God can do more than you can even imagine. Go get the world girl! xoxo

    1. Marci,

      I thank God that He has allowed our paths to cross. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement!

  3. I am so happy for you! I believe wholeheartedly that you can do this. I too, have the dream of being a writer, and I have felt so often like a fraud. When you write into the abyss with little or no response, you begin to doubt your calling. Perhaps you look out of the sides of your eyes at those who seem to be doing so much more and feel inadequate. I know I have.

    However, not one person on this earth has your specific dream. God placed it on your heart, like He placed mine in me, and He will see it to completion. If we let Him.

    I am so happy and proud of you!

    1. April,

      You have been MORE than a blessing to me on this en devour! I cherish your input, which is while I consider you among "my inner circle" when it comes to writing/blogging. You help me to stay true to who I am and to not waver when it comes to God's calling. Thank you for being my friend :)

  4. You have a wonderful blog! I'm your newest follower from "Our Everyday Harvest" blog hop. If you get a chance I would love for you to follow me back:

  5. I think you are a wonderful writer. This blog is one of my favorites each day. :)

    1. Nikki,

      You are SO kind! Thank you! Such encouragement :)

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