Monday, September 24, 2012


Forgive me.

I have failed you.

I promised you the next post in our new blog series, Living in the In-Between: Learning to be Content While You Wait, and I don't have it. At least, not today...

From the moment my eyes opened this morning, I have been distracted. For starters, today is my husband's birthday. So naturally, my heart desires to spoil him in as many ways that I can, in hopes that he will catch a tiny glimpse of how much our family loves and adores him. Second, our oldest son is not feeling well. We had a brief scare that he may have contracted chicken pox, but that was quickly laid to rest once we were able to get him in to see the doctor this morning. Fortunately, it is only a mild sinus infection, accompanied by a funky rash that disappeared almost as quickly as it appeared on his legs. Lastly, I have writer's block- which is strange because I practically had this post all laid out in my head over the weekend and just hadn't had a spare moment to write it all down. And now that both boys are sound asleep and the house is quite, I've got nothing.


Honestly, I know what the problem is and the reason it seems that despite my best efforts, I cannot form a single cohesive thought as I stare at a blank computer screen and lightly drum my fingers across the keyboard- hoping that the Lord will breathe life into my words.

I did not take the time to sit at His feet this morning.

I'm embarrassed to even type that sentence. But it's true. I have been so distracted today that I did not make any effort to spend time with the most important being in my life- Jesus.

So now that I have confessed to you, I am going to get off the computer and go spend some quite moments with the Lord before the boys get up from their nap. Not to get writing material from my time with Him. But, because I need Him. I need to be filled with His Spirit. I need to sit quietly in His Presence. Because I love Him and adore Him and want to spend time with Him.

Again, forgive me for over promising and under delivering. I hate when I do that. I feel like such a failure. I should have the post written and published tomorrow at the latest. Thank you for understanding!


  1. I love your honesty. Isn't it refreshing that our sweet Lord lovingly reminds us of our deep need to have a relationship with Him? There is no greater love. :-)

    1. Marci,

      You are so sweet and full of grace. Thank you for your kindness :)

  2. We can all easily be distracted. The hard part is confessing or acknowledging it. You've done that and made the necessary steps to correct it. I recently learned a big lesson in distractions so I feel your agony here.
    Happy belated Birthday to your husband. Glad your son is well. Enjoy your quiet time with the Lord...every day!

    1. Thank you, Diana!

      It's hard for me to confess and acknowledge my weaknesses before a virtual audience, but I have always sought to be transparent and authentic with all of you. I never want it to appear to any of you that I have got it all together, that I don't struggle, that I don't fall flat on my face at times, because that couldn't be further from the truth.

      So, thank you for being gracious with me :)


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