Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Disciple Now Recap

Wow- it seems like FOREVER since I have posted on the blog! I sure did miss all of you. I want to thank Megan, April, Sarah and Ruth once again for guest posting for me while I was away. I appreciate y'all so very much.

It's Wednesday, and I feel as though I am now arousing from my Disciple Now induced coma. Spending an entire weekend with eight freshmen really took it out of me-and as expected- my fibromyalgia is in a full blown flare up. But I love pouring my heart out to these teenagers and teaching them God's word, so no amount of pain or suffering will keep me from participating each year. I do hope that you forgive me for my absence on the blog for the last couple of days, but I needed the extra time to rest and recover before the holidays {and another round of craziness} begin.

For those of you who were praying for me during DNow- THANK YOU!!!! God did some incredible things and I am excited to share that one the girls in my group came to a saving knowledge of who Jesus Christ is and asked that He come into her heart and take up residence there. Please keep praying for Taylor because the first few weeks are both the most exciting and spiritually challenging as a new believer  The enemy will do whatever he can to cast doubt in her mind, so please join me in praying that the Lord will guard her heart and strengthen her with His Presence. 

There was also one boy in my group who is not a believer and his heart is very hard to the gospel at this time. Please keep this young man in your prayers. It breaks my heart that I do not live closer so that I could continue to build upon the truths that were taught this weekend- but God has placed several of the students that were in my group at his school and they have all taken it upon themselves to continue to speak truth into this young man's life.

With the Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaching {I cannot believe it's tomorrow!!} I will not be blogging as frequently this week. We will resume the normal schedule next week. I hope that y'all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!! 


  1. Now following from Bloggy Mom. Hope to see you following back very soon.

  2. Glad to hear things went well. High school is a tough time! Happy Thanksgiving!


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