Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Help One Now: Legacy Project

You all are aware of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but allow me to introduce you to a day that I can fully put my stamp of approval on: Giving Tuesday.

Bill Gates, along with 1,000 charities, community organizations and business, are urging people to give back. It is their heartfelt desire to that this too, will become part of the "rhythm of the holiday season."

And what better way could I introduce you to the Legacy Project?!

In a nutshell, y'all, the poverty in Haiti is among the worst in the world. The 2010 earthquake ravished this poor country and left thousands of children orphaned, malnourished, and with a grim future at best. But there is a glimmer of hope found in Petionville, where Pastor Gaetan has taken in 30 orphans and 120 children from their local community,and provided them with an immeasurable gift: education. 


Countries such as Haiti cannot expect to rise above their poverty stricken state when the vast majority of their children never attend school.

Haiti Blogger Trip-72.jpg

But this does not have to be their fate.


On this Giving Tuesday, will you choose to give these children a hope and a future by means of education?

It doesn't take much.

$25 will provide a (virtual) brick that will transform into a school- that will provide children with an education- which will transform their entire future- which will therefore transform an entire country.

$25- that's 4 Venti White Chocolate Mochas from Starbucks that you could go without in order to help fund this project. It's the cost of a night out for a family of 4. It's forgoing that cute blouse that you really wanted to purchase for your upcoming Christmas party. It's that the cost of that new drill you have had your eyes on for months.

Will you be a part of something bigger this holiday season? Will you give back?

Click on the "Back this Project" to support Pastor Gaetan and the Help One Now: Legacy Project

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