Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cooking with Hayden

God bless Ms. Carol- she endures "cooking Friday" each week with her preschool class, whom my eldest son Hayden, is apart. If you are a mother, I am sure you had a brief mental picture of ten to twelve 4-5 year olds cooking, and the inevitable mess that accompanies it. Like I said, God bless her!

Well, Hayden loves cooking Friday. Just as adults eagerly await Friday because that means the end of a long work week, Hayden anticipates Friday because he has the opportunity to cook. So.... I figured I would start "Cooking with Hayden" every Tuesday night and post it on the blog. Greg typically closes at the store {he's the store manager for our local LifeWay. I know... shameless plug for LifeWay. I had to do it :) } on Tuesdays and I thought that this would be something fun for Hayden and I to do together.  

Cooking will teach him a number of life skills such as following instructions, reading, taking responsibility, establishing independence, and working well with others; not to mention things like small motor skills and hand/eye coordination. Not that he really cares about those things- but I do. He just enjoys making a mess and eating his creation. Typical...

Last week we made brownies. 

Brownies are not technically apart of our half marathon diet, but a cheat day was in order and we felt like treating ourselves. Here are a few pictures of our first official "Cooking with Hayden" night!

I don't think he was the least bit excited to be making brownies.
What do you think? :)

Hayden did everything himself with only  minimal assistance from me.



They were delicious!

Tune in next week for another addition of

"Cooking with Hayden"


  1. Brownies are a delicious treat. That's a great ritual to have with your son. Can't wait to see the next Cooking with Hayden!

  2. Thank you! It's becoming one of his favorite parts of the week and I absolutely love spending time with him doing something that he enjoys!


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