Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cooking with Hayden

This week's addition of Cooking with Hayden turned out to be more complicated than I had originally thought. Hayden had asked for homemade burritos that night and I didn't think that they would be too complex for him to handle, so of course I said yes. The ingredients are pretty basic: ground beef, re-fried beans, cheese, and tortillas. What's so hard about that?

Things started off well. He seemed genuinely excited about what he was making. {But definitely not as excited as he was when we made brownies} I think he was most interested in browning the ground beef because it meant that he got to stand over the stove. Maybe it makes him feel more grown up? 

I mean, does this kid look like he's 5 years old?

I had Greg assist him seasoning the meat so that I could snap a few pictures. Last week was one of those rare Tuesday nights when he was not working, which made it easier for me to take pictures while Hayden was in action.

I don't know if it was because Rylan was watching Thomas the Train in the other room, or if he got bored all of the sudden, but after he finished his task of browning the meat, Hayden was done. He did NOT want to cook anymore and let everyone know it. After several failed attempts to persuade him to finish cooking with me, I gave up. The burritos turned out well and we all enjoyed them, but I think I will come up with something  that will maintain his interest throughout the cooking process next time. We shall see.   :)

Hope you join us next week!


  1. What a cutie and so fun that you do this with them! :)


    1. Thank you! We enjoy it :) Last night was SO a pizza and a movie kind of night because we had some thunderstorms pass through our area. So I'm going to cook with him Thursday night instead. Still trying to figure out what we are going to make. Haha!


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