Tuesday, April 24, 2012

5 Reasons Why I Love My Firstborn

It's that time of the week! Time to link up with the fabulous Nicole over at Moments that Define Life for her weekly {Listable Life} series. When I saw the prompts for this week I immediately gravitated toward writing about my firstborn son, Hayden. Only... it took a lot longer to come up with five attributes that I love most about him. Not because I don't love the kid- but because there are SO MANY reasons why I love the kid!

1. I love Hayden's compassionate spirit

He is by far the most tenderhearted little boy that I know. He loves to help people. If he sees a need, he is the first to offer his aide. I've seen him weep over the conditions that other children are forced to live in around the world. He relentlessly asks Greg and I when we will bring his baby sister home, because he has now discovered what an orphan is, and he cannot stand to hear that other boys and girls grow up without a Daddy and a Mommy to love them and care for them. This kid is going to change the world. I know that I am his Mommy and I am somewhat biased... but I truly believe he is going to change the world.

2. I love that Hayden is a fierce and loyal friend

Hayden is the sort of friend everyone dreams of, mostly because he is loyal. He's got your back. Always. Loyalty is one of those rare character qualities that are almost unheard of these days. And it is definitely an attribute that I plan to cultivate as he grows into manhood. 

3. I love that Hayden LOVES music

Even in the womb Hayden was rocking out to music. 
Anytime I turned on music, no matter what genre, he would immediately start movin and groovin. 
And he hasn't stopped since! This is his current favorite tune. 

Always by Kristian Stanfill

4. I love Hayden's smile

Cute, isn't he?!

And last, but certainly not least. The one quality that I love the most about Hayden:

5. His Love for Jesus

I will never forget this particular moment as long as I live. 
It was Christmas Eve. 
Hayden turned 4 the next day. 

We were all sitting in the candle light service at our church here in Texarkana, listening our Pastor teach on the birth of Jesus. I look over at Hayden and he has the pew Bible open in his lap, completely engaged in what Pastor Jeff was teaching. Anytime we would turn to another passage of Scripture, Hayden would nudge his Daddy in the ribs and ask him to turn the pages and read it to him so that he could follow along.  Later that night, as we tucked him into bed, I remember him saying that he was looking forward to the following day; not because it was Christmas and he would be getting presents, not because it was his birthday, but because it was another day to spend with Jesus- the most important person in his life.

There are many, many stories like this one that I could tell. 
This child.

And that is by far the thing that I am most proud of as his parent. 

I love you, Hayden. Thank you for bringing so much joy and laughter to our family. 
I am so proud to be your Mommy!


  1. This was a lovely account as to why you love your son. And now, we should talk about which of my daughters he will be marrying. That is all. ;-)

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks, Nicole! I'm sure we may be able to arrange something ;)


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