Saturday, April 7, 2012


One of my worst fears as a runner manifested itself on my evening run on Thursday.

I was attacked by a dog. And I was bitten. Not once- but twice.

While out on my run around our quiet neighborhood, I was chased my a group of dogs. Though they were all small in size, they were particularly aggressive. 

I am a dog owner.

 I grew up around dogs. 

And I have never in my life, been afraid of a small dog, until now...

{Sorry for the poor picture quality. It's difficult to take a picture of your leg using an iPhone}

Why, oh, why, do people think that it is okay to let their dogs roam around freely and unsupervised? Apparently, all of our neighbors do, because it's like an open pet store around our neighborhood. There are dogs of all sizes and breeds that literally roam the streets from sun up until sun down. I've seen Yorkies, Schnauzers, Pit bulls, Rat Terriers, Pit bull mixes, German Shepherds, Chihuahuas, Labs, Mutts- you name it. All of them without a collar or ID tag. All of them without a leash or their owner nearby. It's like the owner simply lets the dog(s) out of the house to fend for themselves during the day, and allows them to come into their backyard once night falls. 

I don't understand this. At all.

Perhaps it is because I grew up in large cities where there were city ordinances that stated you must keep your dog on a leash while outside of the confines of your property. But in Nash, Texas- there is no such ordinance. 

And what aggravates me even more than random dogs roaming all over our neighborhood, is the response that I get from the dog's owners when I informed them that their pets bit me while I was out running. They were apologetic, but immediately cast the blame on their children. "Oh, my daughters must have let them out of the house." I'm sorry, but I'm a parent too. And my children have yet to set our animals lose to roam around the neighborhood. And if they did- I would have noticed and immediately gone outside and brought them back into our yard- where they belong. These people acted like it is not a big deal that their dogs are out wandering the streets, attacking unsuspecting people who are merely trying to enjoy their evening run.

So I apologize in advance, negligent neighbors of mine, if I beat your dog upside the head with a stick the next time it attacks me while I am out running.  


  1. Oh no! About three years ago, I was walking my mom's Cocker Spaniel & got attacked by a dog roaming around. I haver NEVER been afraid of dogs!

    I just can't imagine not having my dogs in my sightline anytime they are outside of my house...and that included my fenced in back yard!

    1. I know! I'm the same way! I've encountered these dogs on other runs and they have never attacked me before. They just watched me and barked at me. I'm not sure what provoked them to attack this time? But I'm definitely finding another area to get my exercise in.

  2. How scary! So sorry, I can't believe how disrespectful people can be...I can't imagine ever having my dogs roaming the neighborhood, when we had dogs, we freaked out the minute we noticed they were missing, driving around...putting up signs...AND they HAD collars. Insane. Hope you are okay!

    1. Thanks, Kim! I'm doing fine. Just a little sore. I'm tried to get in a workout {inside my home} on Friday and my calf was really bothering me. So I'm laying low for the next few days until the bruises subside. Thank you for checking up on me!

  3. Oh my gosh, I am so sorry! That's horrible. EB and I got followed by about 3 or 4 dogs in the fall, and luckily it's not our usual path, so I just avoid that street now, but I can't imagine if it was in our normal path. That would be horrible! Thinking of you!

    1. I'm still sort of in a state of shock. I just don't understand why pet owners would be so negligent. And it upsets me that City Hall wouldn't do anything about it either. I guess that's small town life for ya.

      Did those dogs attack EB when you went on that walk? Or did they just follow you? I've been on walks with Max, our golden retriever, and these same dogs {again, not on a leash and no owner in sight} have tried to attack him. But he is so much bigger than they are, so they just got close enough to bark at him. I had Max on a leash and he was being good. But I bet if I had turned him lose he would have torn into those little dogs. He doesn't like anything that threatens his Mama :)

  4. I live in a fairly rural area and we have laws that dogs are suppose to be kept on your own property by some means. At night (usually around 3 or 4 in the morning) we have a gang of 5 dogs that come here. They are all small dogs 2 look like corgi's one looks like a mini pinscher & I am not certain of the other two. They gang up and attack my dog almost every night. Sandy is a mixed retriever breed we rescued from the local pound and she is bigger than they are but still when you are surrounded by five it is hard to come out on top. I find myself on the porch helping her fend them off several times a month during the wee hours of the morning. I can't catch them and I have not seen collars on any of them. If you ask any of the neighboring houses they have no idea who they belong to. If I ever see them out in the day light I will follow them home so that I can at least have an address for the county when I call the dog catchers.

    People who are irresponsible with their pets should not be allowed to keep them. I don't think I could have been so nice to my neighbors about being bit by their dog. If the animal will bite you (a grown up) they will most certainly bite a child or even do more damage.

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