Wednesday, April 18, 2012

5 Things I Wish I Had The Guts To Do {Listable Life}

I've been MIA for a while on the {Listale Life} link up.
I blame the half marathon training.
But that is a totally lame excuse, because I still have time at the end of the day to write a blog post here and there, I've just chosen not to. 

It's Spring.
The sun is shining- for the most part.
Flowers are in bloom.- Cue allergy season.
And I need to get a head start on my tan before vacation is upon us :)

But I headed over to Nicole's blog to check out the {Listable Life} prompt for this week and thought I'd take a  shot at it. So here we go: 5 things I Wish I Had The Guts To Do

1. Go Sky Diving

Let's face it- I will probably NEVER get over my fear of extreme heights. 
But I have always admired those who have the guts to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. 

2. Write a Book

I want to become a published author.... but I am utterly terrified to take the necessary steps to do so.
Confession: this is probably one of the primary reasons I have been an inconsistent blogger as of late. I write blog posts ALL of the time- only to delete them midway through the process. There is just something about clicking that "publish" button that scares me. Especially when I write devotional style blog posts. I've probably written 10 of them in the past week, and have deleted every. single. one. 
I really need to get over this fear. 

3. Get a Tattoo

I have wanted a tattoo for ages.
But I'm scared of needles.
That... and I've finally found what I want tattooed on my right wrist. 
The appointment has been set.
There's no backing out.

4. Sing in Public

This never used to be an issue for me.
As a child, I sang ALL of the time in front of anyone who would listen.
Just ask my Mom. 
She'll tell you.
She loves to tell the story of how we were in Blockbuster {or some video rental store in the 1980s} and I  walked up and down the aisles singing along at the top of my lungs to whatever song was playing over the speakers. I did not have a care in the world that there were people watching me. In fact, the more the better. 

But now... 
oh no... 
I don't even like singing loudly in my own car- unless I am by myself. 

5. Ride the Titan at Six Flags Over Texas

My husband has been relentlessly trying to get me on this roller coaster for YEARS.
Mmmmm... not happening.

So what are some things that YOU wished you had the guts to do? 
Share them with us, or better yet, link up yourself! Come on! I told you mine! :)


  1. That will be a beautiful tattoo! It won't take too long so your discomfort will be over pretty quickly. Have a snack beforehand and take a tylenol or two (but no drinking and no aspirin!)

    One of my biggest dreams is to be a published author. I think you would write an amazing book!

    1. I'm getting the tattoo this weekend :) I'm excited and nervous all wrapped into one. I know that the wrist is a sensitive area- so I'm anxious about the pain level. But hey, I gave birth to two kids- so it can't be that bad, right?

      I'll definitely post pictures :)

  2. Don't delete the devotional blog posts. Keep them in draft and just work on them until you're ready to publish them. And, worse case scenario, they stay in draft and are there for you. Never delete them ;-)

    Good for you on the tattoo!!

    Thanks for linking up!


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