Friday, August 3, 2012

The {faith} filled life: The Presence of God

Wow, Y'all... I cannot believe that it is already the third day of August.

It feels like yesterday, Greg and I were enjoying the beaches of the Dominican Republic  or that I was getting my first tattoo  or even celebrating Christmas . This year has literally flown by. And in a few short weeks, my firstborn, Hayden, will be entering Kindergarten. I shall refrain from discussing this matter any further at this time, for fear of an emotional breakdown...

Anyway, with all that aside, it's time to link up with fellow Christian bloggers for The {faith] filled life.

This is my favorite day of the week because I absolutely LOVE reading all the other blog posts {from people around the world} about what the Lord is currently doing in your life. It excites me! It rejuvenates me! And I have had the privilege to "meet" some other fabulous Christians as a result of this link up. 
Even if this link up remains small and only a handful of people participate, I want those of you who do faithfully participate in it each week, to know how truly blessed I am to read your work. 
I sincerely mean that.
Just wanted to put that out there :)
Let's get started shall we?!

The Presence of God

Have you ever experienced God's Presence so powerfully that it literally took your breathe away?

I have. 
Yesterday in fact.

I was having what I call an extended quite time. 
{The boys are out of town this week so I have had a lot of spare time on my hands.}
It's a quite time that seems to be more of a continual stream of consciousness over the course of the day rather than a set time. I was in our office going over the worship music for this coming Sunday {Greg and I joined the choir recently} and I ended up having a mini worship set- just me and Jesus.

It was beautiful.
It was powerful.
It was terrifying....

I'm serious.

God's Presence was so overwhelming that I could not breathe.

I think this is why God only allows us to experience Him in all of His glory in short snippets- because if you and I were to ever encounter the full weight of His majesty- it would kill us.
Our mortal bodies cannot physically handle His glory.

Oh! How I cannot wait to one day encounter the fullness of God's Presence! 
When I can finally see God face to face.
When I can feel the weight of His glory surrounding me.
Oh, what a glorious eternity that I have to look forward to!
Have you ever encountered the Presence of God? Will you share your experience with us?

The  purpose of this link up is to put the abundant goodness of God on display. It can come in any shape or form. Scripture. A devotional. A song. A poem that you wrote. A photograph that you took. A personal testimony of God's grace. It can be anything, so as long as it brings glory to God. 

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  1. I understand this post completely. Lately I've been crying/worshipping with Jeremy Camp's "Give me Jesus." I feel like it's all stripped down to that.

    1. Amen! I'm sure if someone walked in on me yesterday as this was taking place, they would have thought I had gone crazy. At various times I was weeping, laughing, smiling, raising my hands, sprawled out on the floor, dancing around the room... It was the most impactful worship session that I have ever had in my life!

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    1. Thank you for visiting, Steve! I'll definitely check them out :)


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