Thursday, August 30, 2012

The {faith} filled life: Week #8

The purpose of this link up is to put the abundant goodness of God on display for all nations to see!

 It can come in any shape or form. 

Scripture. A devotional. A song that particularly ministered to you. A poem that you wrote or were inspired by. A photograph that you took. A personal testimony of God's grace. A call to action. A challenge.

It can be anything. 

Use your creativity, for it is a magnificent gift given to us by the Creator Himself! 

This is not a blog hop, so I am not requiring you to follow me or any others who participate. This is strictly an opportunity for fellow believers to engage with one another, to support each other as brothers and sisters in Christ, and to share with each other how Great our God truly is! 
I only ask that you take some time to visit with a few of those who have linked up and offer a word of encouragement :)

All posts will be vetted and I reserve the right to delete any link that does not support the purpose mentioned above. 

If you are on Twitter or Instagram, use the hash tag #faithfilledlife to follow along with others!  


  1. I would love to link up.. How do I get started?

  2. I love that God is so big, there is no way I can never run out of things to learn about Him, even if I search for my entire life, 100% devoted... woah! :) THanks for sharing that verse! xo Rachael

  3. First time linking up. Saw the post on Facebook and came right over! Thanks for hosting. Can't wait to read the posts!



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