Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge {July}

I've attempted to join in on the #photoaday challenge several times on Instagram {follow me: megan_card} and typically do a fairly good job keeping up each day, accidentally skipping a couple of days here and there. But I thought that it might be neat to bring the fun to the ole blog. I mean, I like pictures. I like taking pictures {except for pictures of myself}. I like seeing what other people are up to. So why not?! Vanessa- you would rock at this! If you want to know how to play along, check out Fat Mum Slim, she'll explain everything for ya.

I'm behind, as usual. So I need to play catch up. Here are the last few days. Photo dump style :)

Day 1: self portrait

Day 2: Busy {training of course}

Day 3: Best part of my day

Day 4: I always have *fun* with these little guys


  1. How fun!! I'm doing a 365 project right now. Just finished my first week that I'll post tmw. This is a great way to capture life!!! Love photos ;)


    1. Oh fun! Can't wait to see your photo update!


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