Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bringing Sexy Back: Week 2 Recap

Some of you are new to the blog and may have absolutely NO idea what I am talking about when I am referring to the Sexy Back Challenge that Carlos Whittaker has instituted on his blog, Ragamuffin Soul. Read the following blog posts and you will be caught up to speed :)

Sexy Back Challenge

Bringing Sexy Back: Week 1 Recap

Now, some of you may have thought that I had already fallen off the band wagon when I did not post a recap for week 2 last week. An email was sent out to those who wanted to participate, extending week 1 another week so that people could catch up. Which explains why I did not post a recap last Saturday :)

Anywho, I wanted to let y'all know that I have made some slight adjustments to my physical goal  (completing a round of P90X) for the 12 week challenge. I am now going to strictly stick to my half marathon training, and add in a few P90X as a supplemental workout when my body feels up to the challenge. (I'll post my running schedule in a separate page located at the top of the blog for those of you who are interested.)

Here's why:

* My half marathon is coming up in October and I am already running more miles than I have ever run in my entire life. My body needs to adjust to running 15+ miles every week. Because training is my priority right now, P90X will just have to sit on the back burner for a bit. I cannot afford to injure myself because I am working out too hard. Once my half marathon is finished, I plan to work P90X back into my workout routines.

* I need to remain flexible. I'm still adjusting to life with fibromyalgia and I often revert back to what my body used to be able to do before the disorder came along. Outside factors, such as sleep pattern disruption and stress, have been known to throw my body into a full blown flare up (which is what I am experiencing right now).  So I need to allow my body rest when it requires rest.

*Time. It's already hard enough to block out 1 - 1 1/2 hours of my day to go for a run. It was even harder to add an addition 1 1/2 to that in order to complete my P90X workout as well. That's 3 hours a day on average of do nothing but working out. I have two young children, a husband, and a house that require my time and attention as well. So naturally, it wasn't a difficult decision to cut out the extra workouts.

As for my spiritual and mental goals, everything is right on schedule :)

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