Saturday, October 27, 2012

Friday Night Lights

As I mentioned earlier this week, Hayden was selected to represent his elementary school at the high school homecoming game last night. According to the letter we received from the school administration, he was selected on the basis of both academic and character excellence. I love that his school not only recognizes, but rewards these attributes, because it reinforces what Greg and I strive to teach him at home. Way to go, Hayden! Mommy and Daddy are so very proud of you!

And as promised, we captured the moment on film. 
{Thank goodness for iphones! I realized I had forgotten my camera once we had already left the house. }

It was a good thing we arrived at the stadium when we did because parking would have been a nightmare.
The boys enjoyed all of the pre-game festivities and I have to give a special shout out to our local Verizon store for the goodie bags we received! It helped keep these two little rascals entertained until the game started.

L-E-T-S   G-O!
Lets Go! Lets Go!
{Sorry- the former cheerleader in me escaped for a moment}

Waiting patiently in the Tiger Tunnel.

I thought they were running onto the field with the football team...but I'm almost certain the boys didn't mind hanging out with the cheerleaders instead. 

Daddy trying out the video feature on his phone for the first time.

Video from where Rylan and I were sitting in the stands.

Homecoming Court

We only stayed for the first quarter. The boys were already getting restless so Greg made the wise decision to go ahead and head home- only to surprise us with a trip to Starbucks along the way!

I'd say we had a successful night out as a family :)

How did you spend your Friday night?! Any fun stories you'd like to share?


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