Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Southern Mama's Blog Hop #10

I want to personally thank all of you who have joined us over the past few weeks for the 
Southern Mama's Blog Hop.

It has been a joy and a privilege getting to know you!

At this time, I feel lead to take my blog in another direction, so it is with sadness that I am announcing that this will be the final Southern Mama's Blog Hop. I do not regret hosting the blog hop one bit, because I have met some truly incredible women as a result. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be a small part of your life.


  1. Hi Megan! So sad this is the last one - but thank you HEAPS for hosting this blog hop for the last 10 weeks!

  2. Megan, Thank you so much for hosting this blog hop. I have found some amazing blogs because of it. :-)

  3. Born in L.A. but raised in the South! Proud to be a southern woman. Also, not quite a mom yet :)
    New to your blog, following along now, looking forward to future posts!



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