Friday, October 5, 2012

McAlister's 99 Cent Kids Menu

Our family loves McAlister's Deli. Especially our local McAlister's in Texarkana, TX! 

We have visited several others in our surrounding area and I've got to brag, because ours is by far the best. Not only is the establishment kid friendly {this place earns bonus points from Greg and I because not all restaurants that claim to be kid friendly, are} but the service rocks and the quality of food-out of this world. Not to mention, McAlister's also offers a 99 cent Kids Menu! 

Our family stopped by our local McAlister's Wednesday night for a special mid week treat.

Goofing off with Daddy while we waited for our food

 The boys made it easy on Daddy and both ordered pizza and lemonade.

Best sweet tea on the planet!

Mmmm... so yummy!

I splurged and ordered the broccoli cheddar soup bread bowl. 
It is heavenly!

The Kids Menu features favorites such as mac & cheese, peanut butter & jelly, a variety of sandwiches, a nacho basket or cheese pizza. But the best part is that this offer lasts YEAR ROUND and is not for a limited time only. 

Visit for a complete listing of participating locations.


  1. I LOVE McAlisters. Their food is good and I love to get one of the plates with half a sandwich and then half a baked potato. YUM!

    1. Oh goodness, those are delicious! YUM!

  2. We LOVE McAlisters! Our next door neighbor is actually the regional director haha so we get some free meals here and there. He's a great guy and he really takes care of his stores! I love their 99 cent kids meals!

  3. I love McAlisters!! And you're right...they have THE BEST sweet tea! I haven't eaten at McAlisters since my husband and I moved to Texas...but your photo of the soup makes me want to find one!

  4. Well I'm jealous! I often think I'm going to write down a list of the kid's meal days of the restaurants in our area. Never seem to find the time though.
    Looks yummy and a great place to take the family!
    nancy-of the crazy 9

  5. It does look great, we don't have one around here. The pics are fun!

    Following you from the hop!

  6. sounds great! would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know!


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