Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Living in the In-between: Let the Mountains Move

A few days ago, I was writing in my journal, listening to music by Christy Nockels.
'Waiting Here For You' came on and as always, I immediately began to sing along.
 I have heard the lyrics to this song probably a thousand times, but that morning, the following phrase struck me to the core of my being.

If faith can move the mountains
Let the mountains move...

I was forced to ask myself the million dollar question, "When was the last time I asked God to move mountains?"

 Ummmm.... Well.... Okay, I admit, it's been awhile. 

 Then God and I proceeded to carry on the following conversation:

"Do you believe that I am El Shaddai? That I AM God Almighty?"

"Absolutely!" I cried.

"Do you really believe that, Dear One? With all of your heart? With all of your being?"

"Yes, Lord. I truly believe that you are capable of such things." 

"Are you sure you want Me to ask you this question again?"

After an extended period of silence, I finally answered, "Forgive me, Lord, for ever doubting You."

I believe that God is capable of extraordinary things. I have not only been witness to it in other people's lives, but I have personally experienced such things in my own life as well. Why now, would I suddenly doubt that He could move the mountains that currently stood in my path? Why now, was I beginning to doubt His goodness and compassion toward me? 

I have been wrestling with these thoughts for days; asking the Holy Spirit to illuminate areas in my life where doubt was lying hidden in the dark crevices of my heart. It didn't take long before it became apparent to me that the root of my doubt was caused by my inability to fully relinquish control over to the Lord. I doubted His timing- therefore I doubted His Sovereignty. And because I doubted His Sovereignty, I began to doubt His goodness. If left unchecked, it would have continued to snowball from there.  

I believed in my head that God's timing was perfect. Absolutely perfect. But my heart began to slowly resent God when His timeline and my timeline were no longer aligned. 

I had grown tired of waiting and instead of presenting these feelings honestly before God and asking Him to change my heart, I buried them deep within; thinking that I could somehow, someway, hide them from my Lord. My doubt had slowly seeped into every aspect of my life- and I didn't even realize it. Not until that divine conversation. 

I praise God that He loves me despite of my self and that He longs to draw me close. I love that He is willing to shine His Light on my heart and expose the sin that had taken root. I love that He covers me in His grace and through His forgiveness, remembers my sin no more. 

And I love that it is through Christ, who is in me, that I can now look at the mountains currently blocking my path and confidently proclaim in faith, "Move."

"...if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, "Move from here to there, and it will move..."
Matthew 17: 20


  1. Amen! When we call upon him for things, many times those are the ones that seem impossible to us! I live by Proverbs 3:5-6. Great Post! Have a blessed day!

    1. Thank you, Jessica! I hope that you have a blessed day as well :)

  2. Love it! I love what you said about believing in your head but not with your heart. I think that describes where I am right now in some situations as well. It makes perfect sense. Thanks for putting that into words.

    1. I fear that I can easily convince myself that my head and my heart are on the same page. It isn't until the Holy Spirit brings conviction that I realize that I had been lying to myself all along.

  3. As I am sitting here reading, the song playing in the background is "he is able". Yes, He is able to move every mountain. Sometimes they don't move because we don't ask. Glad He nudged your heart today. I dare to believe Him to move mountains on your behalf tonight!

    1. Thank you, sweet friend! I welcome your prayers. There are definitely a few mountains that need moving!

  4. Thank you for this word; I know these verses and have been going through my own mountain moving faith for a few y.e.a.r.s now; I have prayed the prayer, not had the answer; God seems to be so silenced, but it is His timing, and lessons of strengthening and endurance that He is taking me through. Praise God I know I can trust Him. But I do believe this blog today, as I woke up with a saddened heart, and heavy in spirit. The cycle is broken, the mountain is moved, and He is offering the newness of life that only he can give. I praise Him, for his love is everlasting. :-) Thank you - for your encouraging words, you just never know when someone will read them and be blessed!


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