Monday, February 13, 2012

Getting Beach Body Ready

Eeek! I have exactly 3 months to lose 30 pounds!
Why, do you ask?
We are going on VACATION!!!

Greg's parents have been so gracious in inviting us to go with them to the Dominican Republic in May! My parents are equally as gracious in that they are watching these two adorable hoodlums while we are gone.

So, I am asking all of you to help me get beach body ready. According to all of the research that I've done, 30 pounds in 3 months is a healthy, realistic, and achievable goal. It's roughly 2-3 pounds every week. I'm pretty sure that I can do this with a little bit of determination and motivation :) 
I have challenged my husband, Greg, to see which one of us can meet or exceed our weight loss goals by the time we leave to go on vacation. 

{More on that challenge to come} 

So... what does that have to do with all of you?

Well, if I meet my weight loss goal of 30 pounds AND beat my hubby in our Biggest Loser Challenge, I will host a giveaway on the blog as a way of saying thank you! I have yet to determine what the giveaway will be, but I promise that it will be good! 

So help a girl out! 
What are some of your go to weight loss workouts? Do you have a diet plan that you recommend? I'm all ears! 


  1. Nothing like a good goal to get ya motivated and you have the most fun prize at the end :)! My best tip is to add in some weight training. I get in cardio ruts where it feels like I run a trillion miles and barely burn any calories. But adding in weights always shows me results!

  2. How exciting to get ready for a vacay! I recommend the Nike Training Club app for workout ideas. They have a lot of circuit work so you can build muscle and get your heart rate going. As for a diet, I've never followed a diet plan, but I try to eat clean with fresh veggies and lean proteins.

  3. Thank you, ladies, for your advice! I have added weights and strength training to my routine and it seems to be helping. I'm still stuck at the same weight but I definitely feel like I am loosing some inches :)

  4. I need to get it in gear soon!! We are going to the Dominican for my cousin's wedding in July and need to get in shape so that I feel (and look) better. You guys are going to have a blast!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

    1. Celebrating your cousin's wedding in the Dominican sounds so fun {and romantic}! You are going to have such a great time with your family!

      We can't wait to go on vacation. We haven't been on a vacation without the kids since our honeymoon- and we will be celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary while we're there- so that makes this trip even more special for us :)


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