Wednesday, February 22, 2012

{Weigh In Wednesday} Battle of the Spouses: Starting Fitness Test

Well, today's the day. It's time to take our starting fitness test as we begin our Biggest Loser Challenge. We want to look our best when we hit the beaches of the Dominican Republic in May! 

I still cannot believe  that I am about to post my weight and body measurements on the blog for the entire world to see. I must be crazy. But I figured that by doing so I could 

1.) gain support from family, friends, and faithful blog followers
2.) get weight loss tips and advice from readers who have walked this road before
3.) provide encouragement for anyone else out there who is seeking to lose weight the healthy way
4.) have accountability. Knowing that people will see my stats each week is definitely motivation to keep working!

So... enough stalling.

Here are the stats:

Team Greg:

Starting weight: 256.5 lbs
Goal weight: 200 lbs

Starting Fitness Test :

Wall Squat {time}: 70 seconds
In & Out {Abs}: 30
Push-Ups: 30
Weight: 256.5 lbs

Starting Measurements:

Waist: 47 inches
Thighs: 28 inches
Chest: 43 1/8 inches

Team Meg:

Starting weight: 155 lbs
Goal weight: 125 lbs

Starting Fitness Test :

Wall Squat {time}: 60 seconds
In & Out {Abs}: 15
Push-Ups {Girl push-ups}: 30
Weight: 155 lbs

Starting Measurements:

Waist: 36 1/2 inches
Thighs: 23 1/4 inches
Chest: 36 inches 

If you would like to keep up with our progress each week, there are two page tabs at the top of the blog, appropriately titled Team Greg and Team Meg. 
Feel free to leave comments, support, encouragement, or fitness tips as we work hard to reach our fitness goals! 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Sarah!! I still cannot believe that I just posted that for the world to see. Hahaha oh well!

    2. Ah, you are beautiful and sharing this challenge will inspire others. I admire you!

    3. I hope it does inspire others. There have been moments in my life after I had the boys where I have been tempted to lose weight in an unhealthy manner. So this fitness challenge has been really good for me :)

  2. Yay Team Meg!!! Cheering you on! You can do it! :)

    1. Awww thank you, Vanessa! Y'all are definitely keeping me encouraged to meet my goals! Greg has ALREADY challenged me to two a day workouts during Spring Break. And of course I cannot let me beat me... so it looks like I will be working out double time the week of March 12-17. Sheesh!

  3. Good luck to both teams!!!

  4. I'm a new follower! I found you over at the link up for Listable Life! I too am on my own fitness journey and there is a fun, encouraging community in the blogging world for those of us on this journey! Looking forward to following you! Cheering you on!!

    1. Thanks for following along! I truly appreciate it!


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